We provide experience based services utilizing consultants who have worked for energy and technology companies and understand clients’ needs from that side of the equation. Whether a short market research engagement or a complete strategy initiative through launch or technology deployment, we always measure our success based on your success.


Market Research

A sampling of our experience based research projects range from competitor analysis, customer surveys, market rules impact studies, economic and market analysis, market sizing studies, and target market analysis to price forecasts, M&A assumptions validation, regulatory analysis, market trends research… and the list goes on.  Whether customized for a specific need or taken from our research library, each assignment comes with sharing our knowledge.

Strategy Development

We collaborate with your team to explore innovative ideas, refine strategies, and identify market opportunities or define complex problems to solve. Our strategy leaders are former C-level executives from within the energy industry. As a result, our approach is based on forming strategies that can realistically be implemented.  To validate strategies, we provide market research services and to prove they work, we provide strategy implementation services.


Strategy Implementation

Most growth strategies are based on one or more combinations of buy, build or partner.  We provide a host of services for each of these areas, from M&A to recruiting to performing full outsourced product or market expansion launches. For problem solving strategies, you can rely on our deep market experience and immense network of industry contacts to deliver results. We are proud to have assisted over 275 clients with thousands of successful projects.

Technology Services

We have worked extensively with buyers and with sellers of energy technologies of all types. For sellers, our team has experience leading and growing technology companies both in the U.S. and globally. For buyers, we have hands on experience in assessing technologies to fit business strategies, reviewing and improving business processes, and developing technology roadmaps from vendor selection to implementation.  Unlike many consultancies, we do not partner with any technology vendor for the purpose of trying to sell our buyer clients a specific solution.


International Services

Skipping Stone has been honored with two international consulting awards in the past 12 months.  We have worked in more than 35 countries both with U.S. clients doing business in those countries and with international clients doing business in the U.S.

Our international services are the same as those shown here, with the addition of providing market entry services for companies expanding either to the U.S. or from the U.S. into new global markets. We are especially active in this area with the newly deregulated Japan market.